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Rediscover the Great Outdoors: The Benefits of an Outdoor Workout

By John Piper

COVID-19 has changed our lives forever, with lasting effects on everything from how we grocery shop to how we stay in shape. With most fitness centres remaining closed for the moment, we are forced to find new ways to accomplish our daily workout while also maintaining a safe social distance. 

The solution to this newfound problem? Returning to nature and rediscovering the great outdoors. Wondering how taking your workout outside can benefit your overall health? We've comprised a list below of a few benefits of making the switch:

  • Stress Relief - Nature and fresh air are proven to enhance mood by raising levels of serotonin and increasing the production of endorphins in the body.

  • Vitamin D - Sunlight increases Vitamin D levels in our body, assisting with bone & joint pain and interestingly, weight loss by potentially reducing the formation of new fat cells in the body.

  • Change is as Good as a Holiday – Leaving the garage to take your workout outside offers the change of environment you need to keep you motivated. Making use of sporting fields, jogging trails through bushland or morning runs within the city, and of course, those dreaded sandhills, all of these offer something slightly different during your workout. The variation in terrain works for different muscle groups as you move on varying and unstable surfaces such as dirt, or sand.

  • Helps you sleep – Studies have proven that a combination of regular exercise and fresh air help alleviate insomnia.

  • Reduces Mental Fatigue – Have you ever gone outside to clear your head? Studies have shown that doing your workout outdoors will keep your mind both invigorated and relaxed. While the mind is focusing on keeping your body safe during the workout, it is also being centred and calmed by its natural surroundings.

With these benefits in mind, the question becomes, what equipment is easily transportable if I choose to take my workout to different locations?

Check out the list below of suitable equipment to help kick-start your outdoor training:

We'll see you out there!


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