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Choosing a Smarter Kind of Treadmill - Demonstrated Benefits of Incline Training

Most of us will make use of a treadmill at some point in our training regime, whether it is in training our own bodies or that of a client. In a society where most of us are incredibly time-poor, getting maximum benefit from our efforts in exercising is a priority. Why not consider then making the simply switch from the standard treadmill to an Incline Trainer.

An Incline Trainer can offer all the function of a standard treadmill, but with the added benefit of 30% incline and- 3% decline, offers greater versatility, and in many cases, enhanced results.

Alongside the principles of exercise bioenergetics, research has demonstrated the valuable benefits of incline training including:

  • Increased heart rate and cardiovascular demand without increasing speed to high levels enabling exercisers to increase cardiovascular fitness without increasing risk of treadmill injury

  • Increased muscular demands of walking and running enabling a muscular fitness workout during cardiovascular exercise

  • Increased ability to burn fat through increased muscular activity at a slower speeds accelerating weight loss

Join FreeMotion Director of Education Natalie Vetica in this overview of the Incline Trainer to learn more about this great machine:

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