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5 Killer Rip:60 Moves

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Harness the power of combo movements and get more muscles working in less time for better results!

1. Rip:60 Squat to Squat Jump: Grab your Rip:60 and assume a shoulder width stance, the straps should be loose in your hand your elbows should be underneath your shoulders, perform a deep squat with your spine remaining tall and your weight on your heels, as you descend don’t come up onto your toes, this will force the stress from your hips to your knees. On your next rep, descend into your squat and blast off the ground performing a squat jump. You will alternate between a bodyweight squat and bodyweight squat jump for reps or an allotted amount of time.

2. Rip:60 Chest press to Fall Away: This move combines pushing and direct core work. Face away from the attachment point and grab your straps and get into a “suspended” push up position, arms should be straight with wrist directly in line with shoulders, your body should be in a straight line from ear to ankle. Perform a chest press by lowering your body towards the handles to a point where your hands are just in front of your rib cage. Push away from the handles back into starting position. Then, keeping your arms straight, use the Rip:60 as you would an ab wheel and “fall away from the attachment, ending in a position where arms are almost completely overhead. Keeping your arms straight and abs tight return to starting position.

3. Rip:60 Rhomboid Row to Bicep Curl: Position your Rip:60 so that the handles are right at waist level. Grab the Straps and lean away from the attachment point your chest should be facing the Cam Buckle. With your body in a straight line from the ear to the ankle, perform a rowing action. Lower yourself to starting position then perform a bicep curl. The key to the curl is to only flex the elbows, keep your upper arm still so that it remains perpendicular to your torso.

4. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat & Over Head Press: Set up your Rip:60 into single handle position. For this exercise you will need some additional equipment in the form or medicine ball, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. Place one foot in the single handle and face away from the attachment point. Pick up your med-ball, kettlebell or dumbbells and put them into a position where you can press them overhead. With one foot in the strap and the other directly underneath your hip, perform a split squat by lowering yourself until your thigh is just parallel to the floor. It helps to push your shoestrings of the back leg (the one that is in the strap) into the strap to create more stability. Return to starting position by pushing your foot into the floor and standing up. Next perform an overhead press with the equipment that you chose. Return to starting position and perform the next rep. You will do equal number of reps on each leg.

5. Lateral Lunge to Curtsy lunge Combo: This combines two unique leg movements and multiple planes of motion. Grab the Straps with your feet should width apart and elbows directly under shoulders. With your right leg step to your right and perform a lateral lunge sitting your hips back and down as if sitting onto a bucket. The left leg should remain straight with your toes pointing straight ahead. Next, push back into starting position with the right leg except allow the right leg to cross over the left leg as if performing a curtsy. Alternate the lateral lunge with the curtsy lunge on the right leg for prescribed reps or time. Repeat on Left leg.

So, there you have it. 5 killer combo moves that you can use to change up your routine. These moves work all of your major muscle groups and hits all of the planes of motion. Perform each exercise for a certain number of reps or work for a certain amount of time and then move to next exercise taking as much rest as needed. Perform these exercises back to back in circuit fashion. Repeat the circuit 4-6 times for a great total body movement based routine.

Drew Massey FreeMotion Master Coach MS, NSCA-CTP, PES, USAW, RKC Director of Training GameTime Sports and Training

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