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Functional Training For Everyone on the Marpo VLT Rope Climber. PLUS Find Out How to Get One FREE!

The VLT Rope Trainer allows for strength and cardio conditioning, rehabilitative exercise and provides a safe, accessible and more versatile rope climbing alternative for sports training programs.

Check out this short video from Gold's Gym Owner Gus Orlando with feedback on his Marpo Rope Climber purchase!

Want to get a Marpo VLT Rope Climber, FREE?!

Purchase a FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross AND a FreeMotion Incline Trainer before 30th June 2014 and we'll give you a Marpo VLT Rope Climber, valued at $6,050, FREE!

Alternately purchase a FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross OR a FreeMotion Incline Trainer and you'll have the option of purchasing the VLT Rope Climber at half price!

Act now, offer ends 30th June 2014!

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