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Need a Multi-User, Multi-Mode, Multi-Functional Training System? Look No Further Than the New VMXThr

VMX Three60 training is a turn-key solution, providing a fully adaptable cross training experience with ease-of-use and safety in one dynamic workstation.

Using sets of three 60-second work periods as the building blocks of workouts and programs, the Three60 series combines functional movements with varied speeds and workloads to emphasise endurance, strength, power or a combination of all three.

The Marpo VMX Three60 achieves total body fitness with the dynamic intensity and safety of Rope Training.

Allowing for competitive team challenges, multi-user training sessions, full body strength, power and / or endurance workouts. We challenge you to find a more dynamic, versatile and functional training experience.

Sample the training in the video and contact us for more information.

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