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EMPTY SandBell® Free Weights

SandBells Hyperwear’s patent pending SandBell® reinvents free weight exercise. A soft, sand-filled disk shaped bag, a SandBell can be used in pairs like dumbbells, thrown like medicine balls, swung like a kettlebell, and glided like a glide disk. Think of the SandBell as a medicine ball you can hold with one hand or a soft kettle bell with no handle needed. Guaranteed to be bust-proof, you can slam a SandBell to the floor making a great exercise and stress reliever. More effective, safe and fun the shifting sand works more muscles getting better results in shorter workouts. Try completely new free weight exercises using the SandBell like a med ball you can grip with one hand. A full body workout with SandBells will sculpt arms, core, abs, glutes and thighs. In the hands of an athlete, the SandBell can build explosive core, leg, arm, wrist and grip strength. The ideal SandBell performance or fat blasting workout is circuit or HIT (high intenstity training). Amazingly, this same simple SandBell sandbag weight is soft, safe and fun for physical education and active aging activities and games.




Hyperwear SandBells are used on The Biggest Loser and have been featured as the perfect part of a weight loss fitness program by the Dr. Oz Show, Prevention Magazine, and Weight Watchers Magazine. Another advantage of this product lies in its safety for you and your floors. On a slick floor you can use Hyperwear SandBells for a variety of sliding core exercises to build better abs. Its outer cover, made of durable, stretchy neoprene, contains a leak-proof core. You have the option to save money by purchasing them empty. They can be easily filled with dry play sand using a funnel (sold separately). Dry washed play sand is recommended for use with Hyperwear SandBells, which can be obtained at most major home improvement stores. Employ a funnel for easy filling. Product Features Patent-pending design works hand, wrist and arm strengthShifting sand activates stabilizing core musclesWorks like a medicine ball, kettle bell, or dumbbell, but does much moreSafer for you and for floors at home or in a fitness club.


SandBells are supplied empty in order to save substantially on freight costs. They will need to be filled with sand before use – this requires a funnel, a set of weight scales and dry play sand (or another fine grade of sand).


Please Note: When purchasing empty SandBells, we recommend adding a filling funnel to your order. Additionally, when filling the SandBells you must use dry, washed play sand that’s completely free of any rocks or sharp objects.


We recommend dry Quikrete Play Sand that can be found at nearly every home improvement store. Only SandBells that are filled with the Quikrete Play Sand are warranted. Instructions for how to fill the SandBells will be provided with your SandBell shipment, or you can watch the How to Fill a SandBell video.





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