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Star of the DVD, Hyperwear Master Trainer, Brook Benten will take you through 47-minutes of calorie-burning SandBell exercises. Brook's delivery is lighthearted and friendly as she leads you through a variety of movements, including SandBell swings, glides, and slams. Kettlebell enthusiasts will enjoy the bonus Turkish Getup chapter, where you will learn how to master the high bridge Turkish Getup, utilizing the SandBell.

•1 x  SandBell Total Body Blast DVD – 27.5

•2 x 6 lb / 3kg SandBells (empty) – 30.8

•1 x 12 lb / 5.5kg SandBell (empty) - 33

Brook Benten was also featured in the September 2012 issue of Prevention Magazine in her "20 Minutes to Slim and Sculpted" article. Brook's SandBell Total Body Blast Bundle is the perfect assortment to compliment the article's workout, and gives you everything you need for a great total-body in home workout!

(image does not display correct sandbells included)

The SandBell Total Body Blast Advanced Bundle

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