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The patented TrakHandle™ Pro is the most versatile, ergonomically advanced cable exercise handle available. The TrakHandle™ incorporates three axes of rotation that provide unprecedented mobility and range of motion for your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders.


  • TARGETED MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT:  The TrakHandle™ promotes a more efficient and effective workout.  Because the TrakHandle™ allows you to rotate your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders during an exercise movement, you can now target specific muscle groups and work muscles from angles not possible with conventional handles.

  • NEW EXERCISES:  The TrakHandle™ lets you perform exercises and routines never before possible. Want to work all three heads of the triceps without bending over or changing accessories?  No problem.  In fact, you can do so without ever letting go of the TrakHandle™.  Wish you could do a hammer curl on a cable machine?  Now you can.

  • REDUCE INJURIES:  The TrakHandle™ is the most ergonomically correct fitness handle available. The complete freedom of movement provided by the TrakHandle™ allows you to move in the way nature intended, thereby minimizing the potential stress and injury to muscle, joints, and ligaments that exists with ordinary handles. This makes TrakHandle™ Pro the perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities and is an excellent tool for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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