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Note: TrakBar 24 is not compatible with TrakHandle Sport.



Enhance performance and improve results with the TrakBar 24 - the most versatile multi-functional cable pull bar available.  By combining two of our rotational  TrakHandle™  Pro's with our adjustable patent pending TrakBars, we've introduced a 4th axis of rotation and created the most functionally advanced cable pull bars in the industry, which include the TrakRow and the TrakBar 42.

The TrakBar 24 is adjustable to 12", 18", and 24" spreads, which allows users of all sizes to target a wide range of muscle groups from a variety of angles.  Learn more about how the TrakBar 24 provides unique advantages for different muscle groups by clinking the following links.


The TrakBar 24 is constructed with high quality die cast aluminum.  The pins are stainless steel with push button operation for ease of use and are secured to the bar with stainless steel lanyards. The TrakBar 24 requires two TrakHandles for use. 

When ordered together with two TrakHandles, the TrakBar 24 can be specified without pins, leaving the TrakHandles permanently attached. This configuration may better suit a high volume setting.


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