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The Problem and the Solution.


Fitness handles and cable attachments are the most important part of any cable exercise machine.  They are the interface between human and machine because they dictate the relationship between movement and resistance.  Yet these critical components have been grossly neglected by the fitness equipment industry.
No other natural or manmade mechanism compares to the functional versatility of the upper limbs of the human body. Our hands, wrists, arms and shoulders all affect some sort of rotational movement to provide an infinite range of motion.
To properly and effectively develop the upper body one must:


  • Work muscles through their full range of motion by incorporating rotational movements.

  • Develop natural muscular firing patterns.

  • Avoid unnatural stress on joints and ligaments.

Most manufacturers of cable exercise equipment provide low cost cable handles and attachments. that restrict natural functional movement and place unnatural stress on joints and ligaments. Using these cable attachments limits muscular development, ingrains unnatural muscular firing patterns and can cause repetitive stress injury, because they lock the users hands, arms and shoulders in a fixed orientation to the line of resistance.   These restrictions also limit the types of exercises that can be performed and the overall functionality of cable machines.
The patented design of Trak Fitness cable attachments includes multiple axis of rotation which allow unrestricted movement during any exercise. Users can rotate their hands, arms and shoulders through multiple planes of motion throughout any exercise.  By allowing unrestricted movement, Trak Fitness cable attachments enable proper muscular development, promote natural muscular firing patterns and reduce potential injury by eliminating unnatural stress on joints and ligaments. Trak Fitness cable attachments substantially improve the functionality and versatility of any cable exercise machine.
It's no surprise that people who use Trak Fitness handles and cable attachments refuse to return to the typical low cost handles that pervade the fitness industry today.

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