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Hyperwear has transformed the static dumbbell into a dynamic 3-in-1 strength training system that challenges fitness convention. The SoftBell™ is an adjustable, easy-grip reinforced plastic handle with 2 soft neoprene weight plates that can be used individually or attached to the handle to make a dumbbell from 3-20lbs. Take your workout from the gym to your office, home or outdoors with this versatile free weight system that is safer, quieter & more functional than any dumbbell on the market.


The SoftBell seamlessly transforms from one complete dumbbell to a club with one side weighted or to two individual soft neoprene weights for a complete 3-In-1 training tool. 

  • SPEED & AGILITY: Transition between exercises faster without fear of noise or injury when dropping your weights.

  • MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY: Detach the neoprene plates to incorporate bi-lateral multi-planar movements that challenge all of the stabilizer muscles throughout your body.

  • INTERVALS & VARIETY: Keep your body guessing by using the SoftBell as a heavy weight for a high-intensity workout one day and as lighter soft weights for a toning workout the next.

  • STRENGTH & POWER: Even throw or slam the plates to build lean muscle, core strength & dynamic power.


The SoftBell was designed to remove the limits of traditional strength training equipment. Quickly transition from a heavy to lighter weight, have no fear of bumping your weights into yourself or others, and bring these weights wherever your workout takes you.

  • SAFE: The SoftBell won't cause bruising or injury if it hits your body while working out. The soft neoprene plates prevent injury to you and your floors.

  • NOISELESS: The weights cause no noise or vibrations when dropped, and the system easily breaks down for seamless storage & transport.

  • DYNAMIC: The SoftBell is designed for functional movement & the innovative 3-in-1 design allows for unlimited exercise variety.

  • USER-FOCUSED: Whether you are at home, the office or the gym, the SoftBell removes the limits of traditional bulky, metal weights to help you train more effectively.


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