From the Inside Out

8-Week Nutrition Guide

Fuel your body with the 8-Week Nutrition Guide. It's full of delicious, healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes that go hand-in-hand with your workout plan. You'll get exactly what you need to feel great and get the most out of your rip:60 workouts.



Certified Expertise

Quick-Start Exercise Chart

Get step-by-step instruction on specific exercises with this quick-start wall chart. Designed by a certified personal trainer, you'll get the expertise you need to maximize your rip:60 workout time.




Easy Storage & Travel

Travel Bag

Perfect for travel, this nylon travel bag easily stores the rip:60. It's ready for an intense workout wherever you go.



Better than P90X, rip:60™ is guaranteed to give you a total-body transformation. Featuring our revolutionary rotating straps, 12 workout DVDs and a nutrition guide, this workout program combines the most advanced knowledge to deliver unbeatable results in just 60 days–not 90.  Join MMA World Champion, Georges St. Pierre and World Famous TV Trainer, Jillian Michaels and get ripped!

RIP:60 Suspended Rotation Trainer

  • Rip:60 Suspension Trainer

  • 12 DVD Workout Set

  • Exercise Poster

  • Nutrition Guide

  • Storage Bag

Rip:60 Suspended  Trainer Includes Delivery

Rip:60 Suspended Trainer Includes Delivery


Please Note: The Rip:60 is now being supplied as the Rip:60 CLUB which is a commercial grade unit that does not include the door anchor.