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HyperVest SXY

General Description The Hyper Vest ® SXY is the first weight vest designed specifically for a woman’s body! This stylish, sleek and comfortable vest will flatter, fit and form to your body’s every movement.


The Hyper Vest SXY features a scoop neck for added comfort and style, includes 5 lbs. and comes in  colors- pink. Two-pound booster packs are available for purchase to increase the weight load.


Hyper Vest SXY Max Weight Load:

Small- 8lbs / 3.64kgs •Medium- 8.5 lbs. / 3.86kgs •Large- 13 lbs. / 5.91kgs


The Hyper Vest SXY is filled with ½ lb. plastic coated, steel weights. The vest is designed to hold one weight per pocket.


Care Instructions: The Hyper Vest SXY is machine washable. Remove weights prior to washing and tumble dry on low.


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