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HyperVest Pro

The Hyper Vest PRO ultimate weighted vest features a revolutionary control system and fabric described as the best weight vest by Men’s Health Magazine. The innovative design of the Hyper Vest PRO holds high-density steel weights firmly and comfortably close to the core, even during vigorous, multi-plane movement. The compression fabric hugs the chest in the horizontal plane, allowing full chest expansion and contraction for breathing while the weights stay in place. The resulting slim profile allows the user complete range of motion. Because weights are only ¼ inch thick, the PRO weighted vest is barely detectable under a shirt. A breathable, odor resistant, wicking fabric and generous open side panels make the vest exceptionally comfortable.


Hyper Vest PRO vests are pre-loaded with 10lbs of weight, and additional booster packs of weight can be purchased to increase the load of the vest. Note Approximate maximum load capacity for Hyper Vest Pro:

  • Small (22lbs)

  • Medium (24lbs)

  • Large (34lbs)

  • XL (48lbs)


Hand washable. Wash in sink with weights in, towel off, hang dry.


Product Features

  • Professional-grade weight vest based on a patented design and fabric

  • Comes with 10lbs of high-density steel weights with capacity for more

  • Thin profile provides full range of motionStretch fabric is wicking, odor resistant, cool and comfortable; open side for ventilation

  • Unisex design with side lacing for highly-adjustable fit



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