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What you get when you buy Core Stix:

  • An entire “gym” in an impossibly compact footprint and weight.

  • Infinite scalability for first time users up to professional athletes

  • Functional training for real-life fitness and quality of life improving fitness.

  • A knock-your-socks-off full body and cardio workout, we guarantee it!

  • Training and instructions from top pro and celebrity trainers.

  • Good karma by buying American made products.


Limitless exercise possibilities

Core Stix gives trainers and users a limitless arsenal of exercises for the entire body. With rods that bend in every direction and well over 100 different exercises developed (and growing), let Core Stix unleash your creativity.


Compact, portable, and stowable

Core Stix patented design delivers everything you or your clients need for the best full-body workout ever, in one portable, space-saving design that can be stored against the wall, in a closet, under your bed, or just about anywhere else.


The choice of top trainers and athletes

Core Stix is the choice of top trainers such as Gunnar Peterson, celebrities, and pro athletes. With so much to offer, it is easy to see why Gunnar calls Core Stix “original and dynamic” and “one of the best new fitness products [he has] seen hit the market in a long time.”


Simple and easy to use

Takes only seconds to set up and get started or to change from one exercise to another for the most effective and efficient full body workout anywhere.


Strengthen that core!

Challenges your core in an upright position for while targeting other muscle groups.


A safe & effective workout for everyone

Developed and tested for over seven years, Core Stix is being used today by top professional athletes, celebrities, trainers, and others who are serious about their health & fitness level.


Preset circuit routines for fast paced workouts

Preset an entire circuit workout routine with dozens of exercises on one machine! In one setup, you can do multiple exercises for your legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms, abs and more without ever repositioning a single rod.


Perfect for any location

Core Stix wide ranging versatility, unsurpassed effectiveness, and compact and portable size make Core Stix the perfect machine for commercial gyms, small or private fitness studios, corporate, apartment, or hotel gyms, rehabilitation clinics, or in-home users.


Supporting our economy Core Stix is manufactured in the USA to ensure the highest quality is built into every product shipped, and comes pre-assembled. Just open the box and get started!

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