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Sandbag Training Going Global:Sandbags have been around for decades: in underground fitness facilities, old-school gyms, garages, years of strong men, lifting these odd heavy objects off the floor, but in the last 3 years sandbags have been introduced to the mainstream fitness world because of the benefits to training with this tool.


Benefits: Gym owners, Coaches, Individuals.

•Can do multiple exercise drills standing in one position. •Portable.

•Used for most single and multi-joint movements.

•Inexpensive compared to most traditional equipment.

•Beginners and Pros get results.

•Can be used in combination with Kettlebells, Bands, Clubs, etc.

•Used for Individual Training, Boot Camps, Hybrid Training, HITT Training, and Group Training.

•Conditioning for Athletes, Martial Artists, Armed Forces, Firefighters, and other Industrial Athletes.

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