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Tone and build muscle like never before with Gorilla Bow resistance training! Get fit, and tone, build muscle, or lose weight with dozens of resistance training exercises covering every major muscle group. You can do Gorilla Bow resistance training workouts everywhere you go.


Includes free online Gorilla Bow exercises & workouts!

  • Easy and fun to use for all levels of fitness
  • Supports every strength level, fitness goal, and workout routine
  • Dozens of workouts covering all muscle groups (video tutorials included)
  • Aircraft aluminum capable of handling over 300 pounds of tension
  • Includes 1 Gorilla Bow, 4 resistance bands (110+ pounds of resistance), accessory case, and band wrap
  • Capable of handling 4 extra heavy resistance bands


The Gorilla Bow band kit comes with over 110 lbs. in resistance band kit includes 1 x 45 lbs., 1 x 32 lbs., 1 x 20 lbs., 1 x 10 lbs., a band wrap, and band carrying case. These bands are 100% latex with double wall to increase longevity and strength.


Get a full body workout with Gorilla Bow resistance training equipment!

Gorilla Bow Commercial

  • Delivery is listed to metro areas only. For a quote to a non metro area, contact us on for a quote.


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