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Do You Offer Kids Programs at Your Facility?

Why not try something fun and effective with SandBell® Group Games for Kids!

Group fitness classes have become all the rage over the last several years. These fun, interactive classes take the 'grudge' out of working out and get participants burning calories and strengthening their bodies while socializing, dancing, moving, and having a good time. The same reason that adults enjoy group fitness classes—they make fitness fun—is the same reason that kids enjoy being active, they have fun while running around and playing with their friends and teammates.

In today's P.E. Drill Thrill, we bring you two SandBell group games that make fitness FUN. Both games have strength-training and cardio components to safely challenge muscles and elevate the heart rate.

As adults, we may think the reasons we enjoy fitness are completely different than those of a child. Wrong! As previously mentioned, the main reason for the popularity of group fitness classes is the same reason why kids love to play and be active. Nearly everyone, young and old, enjoys exercise more when it's done in a group setting and the "work" part of working out is disguised by human interaction and socialization, a fun group setting, music, and engaging programming.

It's important for parents, coaches and teachers to remember that our reasons for enjoying fitness may not be that different from our kids. In order to make fitness fun, especially in the K-12 P.E. setting, just take the reasons that you enjoy fitness--human interaction, socialization, fun music and engaging programming--and apply those to games and activities for your kids or students.

The first game in today's video, Gotcha-See Ya, is a game of tag with a strength-training twist. The second game, Fire Brigade, has kids working together to pass the SandBell from one end of the gym to the other as fast as they can without dropping the SandBell. Both games involve socialization, and engaging programming, which serve to disguise the "work" in these workout games and make fitness fun!

Gotcha-See Ya

For every 5 students, you need 2 light-weight SandBells. Kids should be able to safely hold the SandBell while running. Designate 2 students, or however many SandBells per students there are, to be "taggers". When the game begins, taggers run around and try to tag another student with the SandBell. Once a student is tagged, they take the SandBell from the tagger, do 2 SandBell Slams, and then run around and tag another student.

Fire Brigade

Line up a group of 5-7 students at one end of the gym, and give a SandBell to the first student in line. When the game begins, the first student in line passes the SandBell over their head to the student behind them and then runs to the back of the line. The student with the SandBell passes the SandBell over their head to the student behind them, runs to the back of the line, and so on. Challenge kids to see how quickly they can "move their line" from one end of the gym to the other without dropping the SandBell. You can also designate several lines of kids and have each line race to see which team can get to the other end of the gym first.

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Article care of HyperWear USA.

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