Building Relationships with Passionate, Driven Trainers
Are you a personal trainer? Do you run a boot camp, or need to energize a group fitness class with great fitness equipment? Our fitness equipment is designed to work in small functional fitness training spaces. Stack SandBells for storage and train in much less space and without the need for attachment with our SandRope™ battle ropes.
Health & Wellness
Your health and wellness is at the foundation of Hyperwear's mission. Whether it’s what goes into our body, or what we do with our body, our easy to use and effective fitness tools enhance your health by being safe, effective and easy to use. We’ll give you some nutrition tips about getting lean and losing weight. Our SandBell sandbag weights are used on The Biggest Loser, were in a Dr. Oz Show feature on "Weight Loss Products that Really Work, and in Weight Watchers Magazine recommendation.
Performance Training
Hyperwear Sports Performance Training Equipment

Whether competing under the lights on a Friday night or powering through your own personal training, top level performance is key. The versatile line of Hyperwear products is there to help you perform at the highest level on any stage, while allowing you to reach your fitness and strength training goals.
Kids PE
SANDBELLS FOR P.E. Enable Better Learning and Combat Childhood Obesity
Inspiring our youth to achieve bigger and greater things is our job as adults, physical educators, and school administrators. Our functional fitness equipment is not limited to athletes and fitness professionals, it’s also safe and effective for physical education, and youth performance training for athletics. We’re proud of the strides we’ve made to include our products in schools across the country helping fight obesity
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