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Running Squares

CLUB MODEL - "The original Recovery Station!"


The Running Square™ is an effective piece of equipment for improving cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. Its special design provides a shock-absorbent running surface that is popular for use by itself or as part of a fitness circuit. Tough Energy Blocks™ support 8 layers of birch veneer, with a non-slip Energy Foam™ pad on top. The wood surface is varnished for durability and beauty. Easy to carry and store.


Size: 29 7/8" x 29 7/8" (76cm x 76cm)

Jog 'n' Shape

  • Easy and safe to use - no knee or hip injuries (super shock absorbent)

  • Achieve cardio fitness in the privacy of your home

  • Small and portable (slides under your bed)


The new, personal action platform is designed to make exercise easy and fun. For boomers who have bad knees, hips or ankles, the Jog’n Shape™ is the perfect exercise machine. It is constructed of strong, flexible, structural polymer and is supported by Gerstung’s patented Energy Blocks™. It is lightweight, small [30” by 30”] and adaptable to an individual’s fitness routines. 


  • The Jog n’ Shape™ a unique devise designed for bodies with arthritis or previous hip, knee or ankle problems.

  • A “boomer” recommended patented platform with Energy Foam™ blocks that is shock absorbent and resilient prevent.

  • Exercise in the privacy of your home while watching TV or listening to your iPod

  • Don’t let the weather or your time commitments spoil your workouts

  • Lightweight and takes up no storage space. Its 30” by 30” design, less then 4” height, lets you stow it anywhere.

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